Revelation 1 Scofield Reference Notes Revelation 1 Scofield Reference Notes

Scofield dating of revelations, introduction and historical survey

InScofield had deserted his first wife and his two daughters and left them destitute. No matter what humans may claim, we have to remember that Christ will be the ultimate Judge Acts Once provoked, these officials would often be fair, but could also be ruthless.

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And the reason is… "Why would a wealthy German Jew like Untermeyer living in America sponsor Scofield and spend money on a man who was working on a new Bible translation and preaching Jesus Christ? Scofield in by the Oxford Press, it is the official "white wash" to clean up Scofield for future generations.

Russia and the northern powers have been the latest persecutors of dispersed Israeland it is congruous both with divine justice and with the covenants e. If Rome is the harlot city, as the majority opinion presumes, there is a problem in that it was never destroyed.

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The minority view fits nicely with this historical perspective. Again, the timeless instruction for us today is to hear and apply all of the messages given to the churches. Pilate, though unjust in his final action, was reluctant and it was only when He perceived that the Jewish leaders would lead a riot that he relented and had Jesus put to death.

The 2300 Days of Daniel 8:14

He refers the most straightforward text in the Book of Revelationthe epistles to seven churches of Asia Minor, to periods of church history without any warrant from the text. Remember, most of the early converts were Jews.

Survivors were carried into slavery or killed.

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