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For more detailed warranty information click here. In some species and some harsh environments, salamanders reproduce while still in the larval state.

Can I order replacement hardware? All our furniture products are made from sustainable materials that will stand the test of time. Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Salamander products and services.

Most products do offer customization, it's what makes us unique. The album sounds more of a generic mix between everything late 60s psychedelic pop and rock actually with everything from Jefferson Airplane to The Doors finding small influences on board along with many of the folk and rock sounds of the era.

Authorized Salamander Dealers can log onto the Dealer Portal for up-to-date order details or contact their local Salamander Representative. We take pride in creating innovative, quality products and also offering industry-leading customer service.

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Our highly flexible and customizable furniture solutions are intended to offer a huge number of choices in styles, materials, finishes, and performance options.

Where can I purchase Salamander products? This is a strange little beast that is rooted more in the 60s than finding its place in the 70s and makes me wonder if this was some forgotten anachronistic project from that just happened to find its way onto the market in Please contact your Salamander dealer first.

Can I order directly from Salamander? Whom should I contact if I have a problem or question about my Salamander design? In literature and legend, the salamander is associated with fire, being supposedly unharmed by the flames, while clothes made from its skins or 'wool' were believed to be incombustible.

You may download a PDF version. More plausibly, salamanders were said to be intensely poisonous. I have to give these guys credit for trying to make a major concept album that covers some pretty tall subject matter, but at the end of the day, they just didn't have the chops to pull this off and it's quite understandable why a second album never emerged.

Salamanders never have more than four toes on their front legs and five on their rear legs, but some species have fewer digits and others lack hind limbs.