Park Sung Hoon of Jealousy Incarnate and Ryoo Hyun Kyung of The Lover are dating Park Sung Hoon of Jealousy Incarnate and Ryoo Hyun Kyung of The Lover are dating

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The girls were up against ballad singer Huh Gak, and they couldn't hold back their surprise when their names were announced as the winners. According to a representative, Tak Jae Hoon accepted the MC offer because he was attracted to the program's warm and friendly talk show format.

Countdown' with their dynamic song "G. It seems that during her time away, she developed a rich tint to her tone that speaks to her growth as an artist. BoA is gearing up for her December comeback, and fans are psyched to hear new Japanese material after such a long hiatus.

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SNSD was seen jumping up and down with glee before turning to Huh Gak, entreating him prettily to sing their song together. The foursome caused quite the stir in the music industry by releasing individual solo MVs as 'spin-off' promotions, allowing the public to familiarize themselves with each member.

Congratulations to the girls on their win, and check out Huh Gak's dance below! Check out their debut performance below! Since Hyori has one of the best figures in the industry, Lee Ji In revealed that it's due in part to Hyori's determination.

Hyori is just one of many who've seen great results from targeted exercises," she said.

Cast: Ryu Hyun-Kyung

The one she noted in particular utilizes an elevated platform — a simple up-step, down-step is what this personal trainer claims helped Hyori lose kilograms pounds in just one month. What exercise helped Hyori lose kg in just a month? No matter how busy she was, she exercised every single day and lost all the fat around her belly in just three months.

There's plenty of eye candy in their solo shots, so you'll want to watch their MV below! Startled, Huh Gak declined with some embarrassment, but he did emulate a dance move from "The Boys" after being coached quickly by Hyoyeon.

We definitely can't wait for the full release, but until then, check out this radio rip below: