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Minho and Sulli make a run for it as soon as the speakers announce the switching, leaving Yong-hwa to fend for himself. But then he jets in the wrong direction, completely missing the turn.

Sulli wonders if she can sit down in her suit and her To the Beautiful You co-star helps her out… by lying her on the ground.

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To their great relief, Jong-kook passes by them without a second glance. Then L matches that record.

Running Man EP 129 [EngSub]

And though the idol boys put in their all in the final minutes, the Running Man Team win the match. SpartAce search for Minho and find him behind a display. The boys comment that Sulli looks super cute in her goalie suit and her voice drops a few registers to tell them to knock it off.

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Haha grabs Yong-hwa and they start rolling on the ground together before Maknae FD breaks it up. They catch L make a run for it and they corner him before taking him out with ease.

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As soon as the switch is complete, Jong-kook opens the door and eliminates Lee Joon in seconds. The puck flies past and Yong-hwa picks it up.

Jong-kook finds Sulli sitting on the staircase and he accidentally knees her chin. Not that the cast will humor him anytime soon and they joke that celebratory time is over.

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The teams are pretty close by the time they get to their final contenders.