Making Arrangements, Inviting, Accepting, Refusing Making Arrangements, Inviting, Accepting, Refusing

Role play telephone lesson making arrangements dating, role-play the following telephone situations.

You are free next week on Thursday and Friday in the early morning.

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International Space Station Location: Call his office and try to reschedule your appointment to next week. Role play situations can be: Mississauga, Ontario, M5P 1G7. Set-up a meeting where you can present a sample of a new design.

7 Weirdly Fun ESL Role Play Ideas That Students Love

Again, the prop bag can provide you with items that can serve you. Take a message and make sure you get the following information: Try to sell Student A one of the following travel packages: A small, claustrophobia-inducing room with a table and two or three chairs.

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This role play can be prepared by the students. When ready, have them begin the role-play. Joseph Bednarczyk, Vaughan St.

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Call your parents for help. As in any crime drama, there will be cops and suspects. First, decide where you want to go.

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