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The bad guys are creepy looking and mean. His nest has six bedrooms and a bird bath in it.

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He then heads off to do his patrol. She's quick to accept his offer of lending the family his nest for the night, and attentively listens to him showing off about building it himself. Jewel's childhood sweetheart Roberto is called "sexy" and "hot" and preens around her, making Blu jealous by singing, dancing, and saying things like "If anything happens to you, I'll take care of your family.

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Eduardo It's clear that Eduardo and Roberto are great friends. The blue and red macaws threaten one another and engage in a winner takes all "turf war" that turns out to just be an aggressive game of soccer.

A huge logging harvester surprises them both. During the soccer game, the two stare each other down, and lead their teams in intimidation routines.

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Positive Messages Plenty of positive messages, both environmental and personal. They constantly battle over the ball, each taking it from the other several times, and score the majority of the goals for their sides. Opening Brazil Nuts Trivia In the first movieJewel stated that humans took everything away from her.

Like most wild macaws, he is very "anti-human," both afraid of and hateful toward humans because of their destructive activities in the rainforest, both deforestation and smuggling.

Gabi's obsession with Nigel to the point that she's willing to help him poison and kill if she has to is funny but also borderline disturbing. Roberto, however, is nice to Blu; even letting him and his family stay in his own nest, treating him fairly well, promising to take care of his family in case something bad happened to him, and never looking down on him like Eduardo.

Later, he ends up believing Blu has sided with humans, but quickly realizes he's just trying to help the tribe, and even tells Eduardo so, defending Blu from Eduardo's first assumption of him being a traitor.

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The two share a chest bump as the loggers flee, hinting that their previous rivalry may have dissolved. Roberto tries to impress her, even when Blu is around.