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Luna concerns about her younger sister, Flor, who is sick — she cannot speak and moves hardly. In the end they would leave together in order to live their musical dreams.

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Inshe filmed her first film in English, thriller Bulletface, Maurette was then seen in two horror films, Left for Dead and Dying God. After many fights they become a couple again, when Benito shows up in the hotel room with tickets to Buenos Aires.

They are so happy together. When Pablo and Marizza are hugging, they start kissing. Years later they moved to Ecuador, first, and then Mexico, finally, inthey moved back to Argentina where Victoria graduated in Asociaciones Escuelas Lincoln, soon after she began her career as an artist.

Her dream is to be a fashion model. She is always around, but not one of the important characters. While Pablo tries to get Marizza's attention, she always ignores him or gets mad at him. He demanded money from her for a long time. In the final episode, she admits him her feelings, and they become couple again.