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Gene Wolfe said, "magic realism is fantasy written by people who speak Spanish", [49] and Terry Pratchett said magic realism "is like a polite way of saying you write fantasy".

By admission of this article, the term "magical realism" first came into artistic usage in by German critic Franz Roh after the publication of Franz Kafka's novella "The Metamorphosis," both visual and literary representations and uses of magic realism, regardless of suffix nitpicking.

Furthermore, it is the tool paramount in the execution of a related and major magic realist phenomenon: Science fiction[ edit ] Fastlife dating site science fiction and magical realism both bend the notion of what is real, toy with human imagination, and are forms of often fantastical fiction, they differ greatly.

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Magical realist works do not seek to primarily satisfy a popular audience, but instead, a sophisticated audience that must be attuned to noticing textual "subtleties". What for lack of another name could be called a magical realism.

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It seeks to express the sub-conscious, unconscious, the repressed and inexpressible. When academic critics attempted to define magical realism with scholarly exactitude, they discovered that it was more powerful than precise.

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Venezuelan writer Arturo Uslar-Pietriwho had known Bontempelli, wrote influential magic realist short stories in the s and 40s that focused on the mystery and reality of how we live.

Borges is often seen as a predecessor of magical realists, with only Flores considering him a true magical realist.

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Fabulism[ edit ] Fabulism traditionally refers to fables, parables, and myths, and is sometimes used in contemporary contexts for authors whose work falls within or relates to Magical Realism.

Surrealism "is most distanced from magical realism [in that] the aspects that it explores are associated not with material reality but with the imagination and the mind, and in particular it attempts to express the 'inner life' and psychology of humans through art".

It deals with what Naipaul has called "half-made" societies, in which the impossibly old struggles against the appallingly new, in which public corruptions and private anguishes are somehow more garish and extreme than they ever get in the so-called "North", where centuries of wealth and power have formed thick layers over the surface of what's really going on.

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Magic realist literature tends to read at an intensified level.