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He knew what kind of work I did, and knew that I dealt with more grieving relatives than most police.

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But then again, I'd learned a long time ago that if I bled for every broken heart in my office, I'd have bled to death from other people's wounds long ago.

Charm is always genuine; it may be superficial but it isn't false. He just fucking disappeared! Normally, that would have meant I could close the door and be done with him, but I caught a glimpse of someone who made me smile in spite of my client's grief.

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I'll double your fee. Do the women of this world a kindness.

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The braid trailed over wide, muscular shoulders down that back, to the narrow waist, and the tight rise of his ass, to fall down the muscled length of his thighs, calves, until the end of his braid stopped just short of his ankles. His kiss was earth-shattering, devastating.

Bennington, very human, but they aren't. Her lips moved, and yet no sound had come out, fish out of motherfucking water.

It was doubly problematic when they were one of the shapeshifters who danced. I don't want you to believe that I can raise her up and you can keep her with you, because you can't.

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There's nothing in her background that makes her a bad candidate for the ceremony. I'll do whatever it takes for you to do this for me.

Flirting With Disaster

Yet my mind played out a vision of her, ass up, head down, and me fucking pounding her sweet flesh, why? It was the only emotion I could feel.

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