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reaction innovations flirt worm infection

There is no route tracking along the way. Shipments on items paid for with PayPal ship when payment clears.

It comes in a wide variety of colors that are sure to catch any fish's eye. Do not create separate orders by checking out and paying for each item separately.

You want a full refund or replacement item, not a partial refund or exchange.

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It's body's design features ribbing at the sides to create vibrations underwater while its twin tails push water and create the movement. Request a return by the time specified in the Return policy section of the listing - usually 30 days.

We ship to Canada, Europe, Australia, and many countries throughout the world including military bases every day with no difficulty. The tail wiggles and flares as anglers impart small shakes to the rod or the water's natural current washes over the bait.

Engineered with small design elements that make the worm both versatile and action-packed, the Reaction Innovations Flirt Worm has become a staple in most anglers' arsenals.

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It is ideal for freshwater fishing and can be rigged in many ways and it can also be used for different applications. We offer the Reaction Innovations Flirt Worms in two sizes: As you look upon the Flirt Worm, you'll first notice the tapered design of the plastic which plays a key role in this bait's popularity.

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Economy International Shipping is by far the least expensive service available. All items are packed very carefully for loss prevention.

Reaction Innovations

Once payment is clear, orders are shipped daily -- Monday through Saturday. We represent all of our products as merchandise and the declared value for each item will be the exact price that you paid for it.

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International Customers International Shipments: However, international shipping is much different than domestic shipping so, please understand the following: