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Razor2 gives engine 8 confidence level above 50 dating, different results when using --debug

Within the headers you should find something like I have shown below. Why Gmail doesn't use smtp. I didn't find a similar way as in Spamassassin on rspamd documentation. To install it from there you need to start the Perl shell. These records specify which host is permitted to send emails for that domain.

If you define an SPF for your primary domain, you should define it for all your domains the mail server sends emails for.

As side note, try to use a new account for this so you can be sure there is no whitelist interfering with your tests. More details about the individual checks and their score can be found in the X-Spam-Report field.

SpamAssassin Razor2 always gives confidence level above 50%

How to import html file into python variable? How to verify the SPF record? For example, you get information about which SPF mechanism was matched. This allows the mail server, which of course is listed in the MX of the primary domain, to send your emails.

If you don't have a paid monthly MailChimp account and decide to create one, you can go to mailchimp. Restarted rspamd In logs there are errors: Webmin is a great tool to configure and manage your Linux server, but up to version 1. Relay-proxy have authenticate - for example, root: My guess is that you maybe collect negative score for a passed SPF verification.

How about when emails you send to someone are for some reason detected as spam?

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How to setup SPF? At least, it looks like a mail is remotely offered, but the mail is handled as if it was sent internally, which bypasses all message filters.