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Enemies Bankelal considers Raja Vikram Singh as his arch enemy. Around the start of 90s, Raj Comics were so popular, because of its characters such as Dhruv, Doga, and Nagraj, that children and young teenagers started to rent hundreds of comics to other readers who were unable to buy the comics, even though the comics were economically priced and several discounts were provided to regular and guide-readers.

Disciplinary action was taken against students who were found reading comics in class, so this is a testament to the almost religious status of Raj comics among the Indian youth. They named the child Bankelal. His mother's name was 'Gulabati'.

But the curse makes everything turn out good in the end.

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It has produced close to 35, comics to date. Powers and abilities Bankelal works as a courtier in the court of Raja Vikram Singh, the king of Vishalgarh.

In the end all the trickries of Bankelal fail and Vikram Singh gets a lot of favour rather than harm.

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Plot summary Most of the stories of the series are of only one issue. It is the most prominent and successful comics company in India and is accredited with making the finest Indian Superheroes and other characters.

Though there are some issues that are linked to each other like series in which Bankelal and Vikram Singh travel to different lokas worlds. According to the book, he is the son of a farmer named 'Nanku'. Raj Comics Raj Comics is an Indian comic book line published by a division of Raja Pocket Books and is the largest comic book distributor and publisher in India.

Some notable guest appearances in Bankelal series includes Tilismdev and Bhokal. Bankelal always tries to kill him never managed so far and become the king of Vishalgarh.

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Raj Comics has become a legend over the years. Story develops further with the involvement of sages, yogis, Devi-Devtas and Rakshas, each of whom comes with incredible humorous twist to the story.