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Let me explain to you what's really going on, because I was a science teacher in the public schools, and I know what the students were taught, and I check the textbooks anyway, to know what they were taught. University, and I do research on E. In regards to lions and teeth, most bears have teeth very much like a lion, or tiger, and yet most bears are primarily vegetarian.

Creationism might be taught in a philosophy, psychology, or history of science class, for example.

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Why did Jesus die on the cross? He also questioned how, if there was a truly global flood, humans could have ever reached Australia. What does she mean by religious liberty? Our world is already here.

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Ham, is this nature of what you can prove to yourself. It just won't make it. For more information about some modern scientists who have accepted the biblical account of creation see Creation scientists and other biographies of interest.

It's ah, for lack of a better word, it's magical. The sanctity of life-- we care for old people, they are made in the image of God.

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There are Christians who don't accept that the Earth could somehow be this extraordinarily young age. Students are taught, ah!

It's not there now, but the evidence for it, if I may, is overwhelming. Now let's look at another prediction: And what do you find? Yet evolutionary beliefs cannot explain the origin of life from non-living elements through undirected natural processes.

Why do we wear clothes?