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During his administration he improved working conditions in the mines, and gave help to the mining industry in other provinces.

Believing there was a high probability of a British attack in Montevideo, he fortified that city and sent his best troops.

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He urged people to disobey any order coming from Buenos Aires during the occupation. The local Buenos Aires militias abandoned him, for the most part because they did not want to leave their homes and families.

The Viceroy understood that arming the creole civilian population, many of them influenced by revolutionary ideas, fomented by the American and French revolutions, was a dangerous strategy for the interests of the Crown.

He gathered the available troops and a few weeks later he marched with 3, troops back to Buenos Aires. The invaders did cross and Arce's troops retreated, allowing the British to march towards the city on June In that capacity he labored to improve it to be able to resist an invasion from Brazil or Englandspecifically fortifying Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento.

When Montevideo fell to the British, the open cabildo in Buenos Aires deposed him as viceroy, replacing him with Liniers. Many muskets were supplied without proper shot or flints; swords and sabres were not well maintained. The British captured the river-crossing boats, crossing to the north side.

Sobremonte then went to Montevideo with the remainder of his troops, before the second invasion which was know to happen in the near future, as the British fleet had never left the River Plate.