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The input resistor discharges these capacitors when the power is turned off.

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Results for 32V input The results obtained after simulation is summarised in the table. Feedback compensation design for switched mode power supplies with a right-half plane RHP zero, Power Electronics, Machines and Iflirtz, Also addition of compensation circuitry improves the system stability.

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High frequency winded transformer are usually not available in market. I just have a simple push-pull circuit simulated, and the gate waveforms were perfectly symmetrical After reading from various books and sites, maximum authors suggest to use it value between gauss.

Hence by using above formula and values one can easily calculate Primary turns. The main advantages of the proposed circuit are that the input EMI filters[4] incorporated into the circuit provide it better isolation from common and differential mode noises from outside interferences, compensation circuitry incorporated to the PWM generator improve the system stability by avoiding feedback loop oscillations.

But I have a question, too. I will explain it later how to make high frequency transformer.

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You can check its value limit from data sheet of core you are using. We can calculate turn ration for ferrite core by using input and output voltage. Bmax value should be with in a limit.