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Umm's husband, identified only as "Abdu," also has a Facebook page on which he promotes holy war. His Facebook page shows he was already in Syria in October So you prefer to live among the worst of creatures rather than among the Mujahideen?

Most of them met in the mosques of East London. Some of them have already returned to Europe or died in IS territories. They argue that although the number of Portuguese jihadists may be small compared to other European countries, radical Muslims are becoming increasingly strident in their vows to reconquer Al-Andalus—of which Portugal is a key component—for Islam.

In January, a jihadist posted metro maps for several cities in Portugal, Spain and Germany, under the headline, "Terrorizing the Disbelievers. According to Expresso, Abdu—who was born and raised in the suburbs of Lisbon, and converted to Islam after he moved to London—appears smiling, with various weapons and the black and white flag of jihad.

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Portugal's Jihadists

Thank you for the actors. Dogg was reportedly killed in an air strike in Syria in January In late Marcha masked jihadist, using the nom de guerre Abu Isa al-Andalus, appeared in an IS propaganda video calling on others to join the fighting in Syria.

Allah will soon unite us all. His coach, Ewemade Orobator, still struggles to believe that the talented Portuguese footballer became a jihadist. Search singles in the Portugal dating network - a way to find new information, new friends among Portuguese singles, partners, a new love… And in any case - to get new experiences and diversity of life.

All of them lived in London or in other European cities before going to fight in Syria and their roots are closer to Muslim brothers in those cities than their family members outside Lisbon.