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While it is the simplest way to start battling with a Deck of your own, it may not always be exactly what you want.

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The last group of buttons is used exclusively for the Deck you are currently working with. Otherwise, Click ok to continue.

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If you are looking for that particular Coin or Sleeve and you want to locate it quickly, type in the name or part of the name into the text field and it will filter out all other results that do not match what you have typed in.

Note that buying booster packs with trainer tokens gives you a locked booster pack.

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The View Menu lets you change the size of your cards for viewing quickly, but the real gem under this menu comes through the Table View. Start by dragging a card from the top of your collection onto the Deck Wizard Section. The Reset Button functions the same, allowing you to reset your collection to its default state.

Pokemon Deck

The final tool of the Deck Builder section is a great way to build a deck from a techincal level. What map provider are you using? Click and drag on a card from your collection and drag it into the wooded area, where it will then be placed in your deck.

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The Check button actively checks your Deck and provides various stats and information regarding the cards you have. And finally, the Statistics and Help buttons. This button will allow you to save your current Deck that you are working on.

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As an example note that matches are set for View a Printable copy of This Deck: You may now scroll through your Deck and look at what cards you have obtained.

Say you want to check out all the Coins you have collected, simply click the Coins Tab and everything else will disappear!