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North America, Europe, Australasia, and the rest of the world, with a requirement that successive WDC's are always held in different regions. Another player can convoy your units, and you can convoy another players units if you so choose. To order a convoy on Playdiplomacy you need to first order the Army unit to move from its point of origin to its destination, even if that destination is not normally adjacent.

For instance, if there are only six players available, Italy is eliminated. For each supply center you occupy you get a new unit, and you lose a unit whenever a supply center you own gets occupied by someone else.

How to Play Diplomacy

Austria[ edit ] Austria is the country that should most be focused on defence early on, with a fat drunkard to the east, an vampiric wop to the west and a heathen alien to the south.

The 3 most preferred Diplomacy variations are: Albert AI are significantly stronger than the AIs in any of the commercially released Diplomacy games. In order to reduce postage and printing costs, as well as for environmental reasons, several zines e.

There have been and continue to be events with various sizes and self designated titles such as: Colonial Diplomacy Set in Asia in the late 19th century, much of the board is controlled by various colonial powers: The typical version, the gunboat as well as the Gunboat No-Press.

Over a dozen other countries hold face-to-face national championship tournaments. To overcome the difficulty of assembling enough players for a sufficiently large block of time together, a play-by-mail game community has developed, either via Postal or Internet Diplomacyusing either humans to adjudicate the turns or automatic adjudicators.

This version can be played as a World War I simulation. Computer Gaming World in described it as "a flop". Tournaments in Europe are generally played with a specific end year whereas tournaments in North America more often are played until someone wins or a draw is agreed.