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Believe me, you need a trained eye to tell which child has Downs syndrome. Individuals with Down syndrome have an increased risk of developing several medical conditions.

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Some will learn to drive, have relationshipsand live almost entirely on their own. In either case, it leads to a fertilized egg with three copies of chromosome 21 instead of two.

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Parents can learn about Down syndrome before the arrival of their baby and prepare accordingly; particularly to assess immediate medical needs such as heart and gastrointestinal conditions. The average brain volume of a person with Down syndrome is small and certain brain structures such as the hippocampus and the cerebellum do not function properly.

Although Alzheimer disease is usually a disorder that occurs in older adults, people with Down syndrome usually develop this condition in their fifties or sixties.

Down Syndrome

This facilitates their participation in mainstream society and the fulfilment of their personal potential. The additional material present influences development and results in the state known as Down Syndrome.

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Esophageal atresia, tracheoesophageal fistula, duodenal atresia or stenosis, Hirschsprung's disease, and imperforate anus are some of the more common conditions. People with Down syndrome often experience a gradual decline in thinking ability cognition as they age, usually starting around age In addition, dementia or memory loss and impaired judgment, similar to that occurring in patients with Alzheimer's diseasemay appear in people with Down syndrome.

InDoctor John Langdon Down first described Down syndrome as a disorder, but he misunderstood how Down syndrome arises.

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Through human studies and mouse models of Down syndrome, scientists are trying to find out which genes on the extra chromosome 21 affect cognition in Down syndrome.