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Introduction to Lifetree A brief introductory video presenting Lifetree duration: Video Tutorials Learn everything you need to know about using Lifetree with the following video tutorials Lifetree offers a simple and intuitive experience. This modality is not given in any standard repertory, though some positions in sleep are given.

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MacRepertory includes more than seventy of the best ever written: The demand for it was persistent and increasing, but if my colleague Dr.

Our team is of course available to support you and answer any questions you may have. For this I am grateful to her.

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For all the general modalities, the words Agg. Cloud-based Why an online, cloud-based software service matters to you Lifetree is a purely cloud-based system. Almostreferences between rubrics, more than in any other repertory, which we are using to greatly enhance the effectiveness of our search facility.

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The author has elevated the rank of this particular to the general rubric. Not only that but the author himself has coined a few new headings from his own experience.

But the author hopes, that the few instances given above will enable the prescriber to understand what to look, where to look, and how to look.

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KHA's continual pursuit of excellence is the attitude that we all need to aspire to if we are to truly make homeopathy the medicine of the 21st century. The repertory had also to be a concise and handy one.

Nor do they give all the information required by the prescriber.

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