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The police headquarters and barracks for mounted police were finished in In its early days, Wekerle spawned co-operatives and community associations, but under the Communist regime, the community association was closed and the estate began to decay.

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Four fruit trees were planted for each apartment altogether Larger units are rare, there are a few larger apartments in the 2-storey buildings on the central square. Buy tickets of Peter Weekers for the latest events Buy your Peter Weekers tickets for upcoming concerts, latest events and festivals from Band-Findr.

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All the houses provided spacious gardens and the street layout was envisioned with comfortable, tree-lined avenues. Find here braking news all in one place at your trusted Source for Peter Weekers news.

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There's a handful of distinct, almost villa-like housings with larger apartments, referred popularly as "headmaster's house" or "doctor's apartment", the name probably stemming from their originally intended function.

He designed the arrangement with the radial street layout and also one of the trademark wooden gates the eastern one.

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