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Comically, he states that he will start a puppet-making class, the first being in the protagonist's room.

Persona 4: The Animation - Love Hotel

If he whiffs these moves, Kanji may be taking a lot of damage due to the recovery of such moves. Shadow Kanji Kanji facing his flamboyant Shadow. He is next seen at school where he meets Yu for the first time.

Bones will surround them and the enemy as a skull appears from the ground. Kanji also admits to the protagonist that the manifestation in his personal dungeon truly did represent himself, revealing that he is becoming more comfortable with himself, especially with his hobbies.

Kanji admits that the Shadow is a part of him, no matter how much he wished he could deny it. And my best bud! As the Investigation Team arrives, they become aware of the fact Kanji has been fighting his Shadow on his lonesome, and handling himself just fine.

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Teddie, half-jokingly telling Labrys to leave without him, remains alone to fight Kanji who defeats his foe with gusto but is reprehended for his actions by Teddie himself, who reveals that he is not the same as the Teddie shown on screen or Shadow Kanji. When Kanji discovers Yosuke and Chie spying on him, he chases after them when Chie mentions the word "gay.

Kanji, having realized this, blushes furiously and apologizes to everyone especially in the context of Naoto, who herself hides her flustered face behind Yukiko.

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