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Zhirinovsky, 70, is the leader of Liberal Democratic party. Mironov, 64, is the leader of Just Russia. This is going to be his third presidential election. Does he have political experience? Russian tabloid Life News has been bashing Grudinin for some weeks. There has been talk of Grudinin becoming agriculture minister in the next government.

Furthermore, his status as a multi-millionaire may act as a turn-off for traditional Communist Party voters. And there have also been revelations about luxury properties in Spain. Grudinin is a successful businessman and the majority shareholder in the Lenin State Farm, outside Moscow.

The elections will be his fifth. The candidate sees this as a template for Russian corporations, going forward.

No Surprise Candidates in Russia's 2018 Presidential Elections - Reports

He came second in each race. The turnout of previous elections suggest that Russians are disengaging from political campaigns. The Communists were in a bind at the end ofwith perennial candidate Gennady Zyuganov, now in his 70s, polling in third behind another veteran, the nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

His first presidential election was inwhen he lost to Boris Yeltsin in the second round.