Países y Capitales de América del Sur - [Download DOCX] Países y Capitales de América del Sur - [Download DOCX]

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Known for skiing industry. Tropical to jungle type climate. Wool textiles and weaving are dominant in the economy. Has a rich history of ancient culture: Mining Textile and woolen products. Slide 18 Paraguay One of the poorest countries of S.

Slide 10 Costa Rica One of the richest countries in Region. Large tracts of land devoted to farming and cattle ranching. Contras backed by US funds to prevent spread of communism by US.

Known for their molas. Emigration due to fighting. Know for local dances.

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Slide 5 Mexico The capital is Mexico D. Many business have their home here to avoid high taxes. Cuzco was one of the largest silver mines in the New World. Located along Pacific Ocean. Capital is Santo Domingo. Know for textile products. Has a poor population. Known for wine and grape production.