Overprotective - definition of overprotective by The Free Dictionary Overprotective - definition of overprotective by The Free Dictionary

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If you're unfamiliar with the work and haven't gleamed it from the title, we're talking about a bunch of toddlers.

10 Hilarious Overprotective Dads

Cat Stevens' "Father and Son" is an argument between the titular characters it's not clear whether the latter is a late adolescent or a young adult, though he's probably the second of these ; the son is hell-bent on leaving home for some unstated reason though paternal overprotectiveness is implied to be part of itthe father is equally determined to make him stay.

The first rule of Lie to Me is that you don't mess with Cal Lightman's daughter. Their parents died a long time ago and Lightning raised Serahthough, so it fits in that regard.

Bruce Willis and his shotgun in Armageddon. Alexis may be the most responsible one in the family, but there's no denying that he loves his daughter dearly.

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Ensei in The Tainted Grimoire is said to be this by Sasasha. And don't even get us started on his reaction when Rahzel told him all the stuff Baroqueheat got up to They're not still virgins tomorrow, I'll hunt you down like dogs.

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However, he was right about the matter when Rolf became a Nazi and threatened to turn the whole family in. After she goes too far, Lynda admits to Wendy that Dipper and Mabel were born two months early, which left them in a critical conditionand still fears she could lose them.

Sunako Nakahara's father from The Wallflower left his work in Africa, flew all the way into Japan, and snuck into the Nakahara estate just because her aunt informed him that she was staying with four bishounen pretty boys.

Ben himself is not amused when he finds out. He might as well breathe fire to any guy trying to get close to Sophie.