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Another record was broken Wednesday night when the U. Each group winner received a bye into the second round, along with the highest ranked of the remaining teams. I don't think I'm going to come and take gold so I'm happy with silver "It's my last Olympics, but I have to focus on doing a good race.

Wise won gold in David Wise won gold and Alex Ferreira took silver. The Norwegian is 0. Shiffrin adds the silver medal to the gold she won earlier in the games in the giant slalom.

Overtime Operations If a game is tied at the end of regulation time, a five-minute overtime period shall be played after a three-minute intermission. Click here for full information on the procedure.

Ice hockey at the 2018 Winter Olympics

Belarus 9Slovenia 14Denmark 15Poland The teams will not change ends. Due to the fact that the three-point system does not allow a game to end in a tie, then the following tie breaking procedure is applicable when three or more teams are tied in points in a Championship standing.

Tie breaking formula The tie-breaking system for two teams with the same number of points in a standing will be the game between the two teams, the winner of the game taking precedence. It was double medal for the U.

A few hours before the ice hockey finals, the IOC had decided not to let the OAR athletes march into the Olympic stadium later for Sunday's Closing Ceremony under the Russian flag and in their national colors.

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The first medal for the women's speed skating team in 16 years, earning bronze in the team pursuit! Netherlands 19Italy 20Slovenia 23Spain Overtime procedure in Play-Off Games: It was very likely the first and only Olympic race between U.