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She lives in Suzhou and I am traveling there in 2 months time. Which, among those affected, some might choose to take their resentments and or frustrations out upon you particularly the one's who enjoy finding fault, or employ an 'idealised yardstick' against which no prospective other could ever live up to!

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Only a little bit later I found out, that - yes, there is possibility to send not an e-card only, but as they say - real bouquet of flowers. It will notify the members about the scammers by deactivating the scammer profile and put the profile in a virtual "prison". I mean - is there these girls writing or some guys acting like girls just to make everyone pay more for translation and mystical "gifts" You will take for granted that my supposition is heavily simplistic!

Many girls offer this option anyway as a means of exchanging sexy photos.

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CS has much to offer, and it is kind of unique in that it's not just about dating. I think that some people find other people 'instantly' physically attractive: You might and hopefully not.

The more photos they have of themselves the more likely they are to be real.

Who knows

But they all look like Chimney Sweepers at knock off time An interesting point of view and one that is not easily answered! You will also encounter those women who have not altered their profiles or seeking criteria, even though they are no longer 'on the market: Was this review helpful?

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Cynical perhaps, but I challenge anyone to prove to me that my assertion has no validity here. My advice would be NOT to lay down all of your eggs read 'hopes' in one basket so to speak.

You can see the person but cannot physically touch them!