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I can't help but feel that something is wrong. What was he up to now?

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The codebreaker slid away on the polished floor. They agreed to fly at half-speed to start with, and at Obi-Wan's insistence they also began with an offset of 15 meters, rather than one.

But, Anakin couldn't put his finger on it. The still sky twinkled with fallen stars, or rather, objects from a nearby asteroid belt as they burned through the atmosphere.

Obi-Wan and Siri pressed on. You can go if you want…" "Well thanks, I didn't realize I needed your permission! Obi-Wan eyed the lines of her neck, the curves of her waist, and her legs appreciatively, then followed her outside.

He looked around, and realized the crowds had parted and the tempo of the festival music had changed to something upbeat. They moved faster than the droids could track, and, with Soara entering from the other side, they mowed down the first two lines easily.

Adi, Siri, and Obi-Wan stepped up the attack. Her response was a glowing smile. I saw his shadow. He rolled to his left, then swung upward. Obi-Wan charged, even as he reached out a hand to direct the Force. In fact, Anakin, if you look into the distance you can see the planet from here.

There was only movement.