Free Trailer Building Plans Free Trailer Building Plans

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Whatever axle style you require, you are sure to find it among the large inventory on eBay, enabling you to get back to hauling. It is important to calculate the trailer's gross capacity to ensure the choice of an axle that can handle the load capacity.

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If you want to customize or modify the design, it is as easy as changing the dimensions to suit. You are part entrepreneur, part investor and part business advisor.

Free Trailer Plans

We would love to see your trailer photos. They are suitable for trailers carrying light loads, and they often require maintenance as the rubber deteriorates.

Each design comes with a materials cutting list and parts inventory and is laid out in an easy to follow format which will allow even a novice engineer to build a trailer from scratch.

The third type is a leaf spring axle, which has a simple design, yet has similar durability and performance to the torsion axle. Trailer axle kits are available in several styles, and the type you need depends on the design of the trailer, and your load requirements.

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This early exposure to computers created an abiding enthusiasm for technology. All the single axle utility trailers are suitable to be towed by a compact or SUV and the limit to the type of towing vehicle is the amount of load you intend to carry.

Many owners have tandem axle trailers with two or more axles built close together, resulting in higher load capacities, higher horsepower, and more torque potential. What motivates you to continue investing? It gives a great feeling of satisfaction to have built a trailer that is uniquely yours and something that you can be proud of.