DYOM - DYOM - "Some Important Notes to avoid crashing (for v8)"

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Fancy sit there with the traffic swirl round you and the pigeons take bites out of your sandwiches! What about come with us, Ann? Have you tried fill the radiator with hot water?

What an extraordinary place have a picnic! When would you like start? What about go for a drive instead? Would you like come to a lecture on Wagner tonight?

And why should I take one with me? But Tom advised me sell the whole house. You might as well argue with a stone wall.

Gerund. Exercises

He kept move it about because he was terrified of be robbed. But that means get up at 6. I was afraid touch it; I was afraid of be blown to pieces!

Whenever he found me relax or read he would produce a job which, he said, had be done at once. He probably suspected you of try travel without one.

I always enjoy have dinner in a restaurant. I wasted a morning perform his ridiculous tasks and spent the rest of the weekend keep out of his way.