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This lets your users see how many atendees can fit into this room. But both procedures are straightforward. We also cover the entire process in this short video. Select one of the suggestions to choose that location, or continue typing to enter another location.

Add your attendees to the To line of the meeting request and skip to step 4. To do this, you can take advantage of a feature hidden-away in your Office account called Resource Mailboxes. Next, click the plus icon to create a new meeting room.

Cancel a Meeting No small business owner wants to cancel a meeting and risk creating inconvenience for the people invited. Type a brief message explaining — and apologizing — for the cancellation. It will not limit the number of atendees who can be invited to a calendar event.

A minor inconvenience can pale next to even one hour of wasted time.

How to Add a Meeting Room to Outlook or Office 365 [Free]

Before you can link your new mailbox to MeetingRoom, you will need to reset the password for the new mailbox. You will need to create an email address for this room. Otherwise, see Make a meeting recurring. You can read more here: Outlook tracks who accepts the request and reserves time on your calendar for the meeting.

Open the meeting by double-clicking on it. For this reason, the steps to modify all instances of a recurring meeting and to modify only one instance differ. To attach a file to a meeting request, on the Insert menu, select Attach File, then choose the file you want to add.

Now, when anyone in your organization wants to schedule an event or meeting from their calendar, they will see options to book that room.