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Just over 17 per cent of families with children are headed by single mothers, with about one per cent headed by a lone father. Each era has its own books. The word ice cream was very important in the fifties.

Is the young couple free to decide where to live after their marriage? This is because a large number of couples get divorced.

The word men has lost some meaning, for example. Unmarried lone mother, with two children; Couple, living together, without children; Elderly couple, married, whose children have left home; Divorced man, living alone; Married couple, with child ren.

Most people living alone are widows, but there has been a big increase in the number of men who live alone. How many have been written up to now is unknown.

It is even more interesting, however, to count the frequency of words.

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Marriage is preceded by dating. The second corpus consists of human translations I have used as reference translations. Eighteen per cent of unmarried people aged between 16 and 59 years old are living with someone. The material used in the analysis includes three corpora.

The term sushi has been dominant for a few years now.