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At this time, Amsterdam was loyal to the Spanish King, and by a lot of important protestant merchants had to move abroad, being accused of supporting or participating in the iconoclastic fury --serious riots that had occurred in support of the protestant movement.

On 24 June the army appeared before the walls of Leiden. The siege is notable also for being the first instance in Europe of the issuance of paper moneywith paper taken from prayer books being stamped using coin dies when silver ran out.

Rivers, canals and parks[ edit ] The two branches of the Oude Rijnwhich enter Leiden on the east, unite in the centre of the city.

While the city had lost about a third of its 15, citizens during the siege ofit quickly recovered to 45, inhabitants inand may have come near to 70, circa The group includes Airbusthe leading manufacturer of commercial aircraft worldwide.

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De naam komt Sant Hoek Zandhoek. The city is further intersected by numerous small canals with tree-bordered quays. The areas surrounding the railway station and Marewijk were almost completely destroyed.

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Albert Einstein also spent some time at Leiden University during his early to middle career. Two handwritten indexes, one for marriages and one for baptisms, made in Germany aroundalso show the entries of the German Reformed Churches in Cologne, which records are not included here.

Introduction to the Records of the Reformed Churches in Cologne, Germany

However the castellum was in fact closer to the town of Katwijkwhereas the Roman settlement near modern-day Leiden was called Matilo. From the late 17th century onwards Leiden slumped, mainly due to the decline of the cloth industries. The open space for the park was formed by the accidental explosion of a ship loaded with gunpowder inwhich destroyed hundreds of houses, including that of the Elsevier family of printers.

Dit gedeelte van New York heeft zijn naam te danken aan de boerderij, of bouwerij in het Nederlands van de 17de eeuw, die aan Peter Stuyvesant toebehoorde. In the sixteenth century, a limited group of rich merchants ruled the city-government of Amsterdam.

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Inundated meadows allow the Dutch fleet access to the Spanish infantry positions. To explain why Cologne had a Dutch community in those days I'll give you a little bit of Dutch history.

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