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The siege was however lifted after Parviz and Mahabat Khan came to assist the garrison. Stillbirth means foetal death, where a product of conception has attained at least the prescribed period of gestation. Initial revenue settlements began in And above there is a park which is always covered with green grass.

Alam who was abandoned by Shuja after the defeats, surrendered to the English and was lodged at the fort, as they captured Allahabad, Benares and Chunar in his name.

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It also potentially offered sizeable revenues to the Company. The territories of Allahabad and Kora were given to the emperor after the treaty was signed in Registration of birth is very important for obtaining the birth certificate.

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The act authorizes the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India to coordinate the registration mechanism. Nizamuddin Ahmad gives two different dates for its foundation.

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Importance of Death Registration Go to top Proof of death is important for relieving an individual from legal, social and financial obligations. The old part of the city, at the south of Allahabad Junction Railway Station, consists of neighbourhoods like Chowk, JohnstongunjDariyabadKhuldabad and many more.

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It is a newly built delightful place. Allahabad was selected as its capital. He spent six years there and after the takeover of Delhi by the Marathas, left for his capital in The RBD act comprises of 32 sections, which illustrate the rules, proceedings, process, maintenance of records, the functions and functionaries at national, state, district and peripheral levels to perform birth and death registration Issuance of Certificate Go to top The registrar designated as per the RBD act is entitled to issue the certificate for birth, death and stillbirth.

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