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As observed, these tattoos have a lot of cultural meanings and hence before wearing one, it is important to understand the meaning for every design.

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The design includes a sun like shape with decoration of multiple colors. It looks so pretty and very admirable.

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Thus, people could wear them as a symbol of protection and surprisingly, people are still wearing this type because it looks cool. It seems a bit like magic the first time but it really works!

It is a design that looks very dynamic and very exceptional in terms of its look.

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It is mainly placed on the hips and they like it because it is very beautiful as a result of the combination of many colors together to form a maori tattoo.

The trick is using something called a braiding disc, or braiding loom.

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I'll start out with step-by-step photo instructions, but if you prefer you can also skip ahead to the video tutorial further down the page. It is designed using the shape of a human.

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I hope you found my instructions clear. Make the Starting Knot Line up the ends of your 7 strands of yarn, then tie a simple overhand knot like this.

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Then clip one piece of yarn into each slot, except the top slot. In this type of tattoo, a toki blade is incorporated to bring out the meaning of strength.

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