Non-Intimidating Sports Team Nicknames Quiz - By superkyle Non-Intimidating Sports Team Nicknames Quiz - By superkyle

Most intimidating sports team names, wie daten ihre werbeerlebnisse verbessern

Philadelphia 76ers Signing the Declaration of Independence was a great moment in U.

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The name doesn't fit the dynamic city and the uniform colors do not fit the name, but they continue to be called the Lakers and fans continue to enjoy the name that rolls off the tongue when following Los Angeles.

Just give your team a cool name. The weather, especially in the Sunshine State can be as daunting and intimidating as a team like the Chicago Blackhawks or Boston Bruins.

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The team moved to Calgary in and kept the name. That would boost ticket sales like Rip Hamilton was still there. Since one of Brooklyn's earlier ballparks, Eastern Park, was bordered by two trolley tracks, the name "Dodgers" stuck.

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For starters, there are not many French Canadians living in Vancouver and the term simply doesn't really fit a sports franchise. Of all the basketball terms that you could use to represent your team, why on earth would you choose the net?


Certainly there is reason for concern about changing the name with the public uproar that has ensued. Charlotte Hornets The team initially went with Hornets, then changed to Bobcats, which sounds absolutely adorable and would be my first choice in a Beanie Babies design.

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But the islanders is not catchy. People who live on an island do not call themselves islanders. The answer is yes. It can start fires, destroy building or just straight up kill you.

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To be honest, I really don't care if a Team Name is catchy or not. The pace car in racing sets the pace for everyone else. At least the Lakers have a catchy name.

No matter how you cut it, the teams on this list have the best names in all of sports and this Ultimate List is in your hands to select which of these teams has the greatest team name.

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It was named after the Boston Red Sox and the name stuck even after the franchise moved to Washington and shared a stadium with the Washington Senators.