The Best and Worst of Monica's Boyfriends on 'Friends' The Best and Worst of Monica's Boyfriends on 'Friends'

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She knew Richard growing up since he was best friends with her father and she knew Chandler since he was Ross' college roommate.

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In one episode, a man asks her to teach him how to make a lasagna for an event he will be hosting. He reveals that he has a considerable amount of money, and he is outraged when Monica wants to spend the entire fortune on the wedding.

Their fans are happier with this fact.

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Monica reassures him that they are still together and can work through the problem, and he is very relieved that a fight does not equal giving up on them as a couple. Monica also loses her job and she remains single for quite some time.

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Their relationship ends with Monica hiring a Barbershop Quartet to belittle him in public. She pretends that she doesn't care that she has left her shoes in the living room, only to be rendered unable to sleep because she's left to wonder if she should go out and get them.

Richard Chandler 21Monica teaches him how to make marinara sauce for lasagna.

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After one of Monica's boyfriends tells her that he has only been with two girls, it comes out that it is because he has only ever loved two girls.

She loves cleaning, describing a dry-cleaning establishment as her Disneyland.

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While attempting to give Chandler a sensuous massage, she hurts him to the point of his crying out. Many women desire to date rich men and have them fall in love with them but do not know where to find them.

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