Minegishi Minami involved in a scandalMinegishi Minami touchée par un scandale Minegishi Minami involved in a scandalMinegishi Minami touchée par un scandale

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We claim no rights to it unless otherwise stated. It was chosen by fans as the first single, as it was their favorite song from Team A's first stage Party ga Hajimaru yo.

Sashihara Rino Shunkan Bunshun exposed her alleged relationship with a fan. The video drew public outrage with many saying it encouraged homosexuality.

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Since my mind is still in blank, I did not know what to do or what I can do, but as I just saw the magazine, I could not sit still, so I decided all by myself to shave my head without even telling the members or my agency. Btw just helping to share, this isn't my own article.

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I know that you have varied opinions about my decision to shave my hair, but this is what I decided to do to show you that I am really reflecting on my actions Allegations of child pornography that led to police investigation followed.

Deleted all posts from her IG the next day and kept it on private mode. The "sex scandal" was revealed by the Japanese tabloid Shukan Bunshun which claimed they had a passionate night together.

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Incident died away and she eventually graduated from SKE48 in However, what I have done was such a thoughtless and a lack of self-awareness behavior. She graduated from AKB48 in August and is active as an actress. Again, they performed Junai no Crescendo.

Japanese Pop Idol Shaves Her Head In SHAME After A Sex Scandal!

The Guardian also reports that last month, a member of the group appeared naked in a photograph in which a boy cups her breasts from behind. Calling this a "sex scandal" is not quite correct because no one knows the extent of her "wrongdoing" and I don't think we'll ever find out.

Hirajima Natsumi, Yonezawa Rumi Pictures of them with guys were leaked from their private Twitter accounts in early At the end of the drama, they presented themselves as the new female idol group No Sleeves and sang their first single Relax! Pop idol shaves her head after sex scandal.