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Some students who have been diagnosed with a learning disability work with a special teacher or tutor for a few hours a week to learn certain study skills, note-taking strategies, or organizational techniques that can help them compensate for their learning disability.

Of these, at least 20 percent have a type of disorder that leaves them unable to focus their attention. So other types of reading disabilities can appear in the upper grades when the focus of reading shifts from word identification to comprehension.

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What Are the Types of Learning Disabilities? On the other hand, a fifth grader with an IQ of who can't write a simple sentence probably does have LD.

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Of course, people with learning disabilities are not all alike, so these stories may not fit any particular individual. Informal inventories, surveys and direct observation by a qualified professional may be used in tandem with formal tests to further develop a clinical hypothesis.

This is a concern because small newborns, usually those weighing less than 5 pounds, tend to be at risk for a variety of problems, including learning disorders.

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And some people have trouble with the act of writing as their brains struggle to control the many things that go into it — from moving their hand to form letter shapes to remembering the correct grammar rules involved in writing down a sentence. They blurt out answers and interrupt.

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If the problem involves articulation, a doctor examines the child's vocal cords and throat. Imagine having important needs and ideas to communicate, but being unable to express them. In comparing people with and without learning disabilities, scientists have observed certain differences in the structure and functioning of the brain.

Dennis Dennis is 23 years old and still seems to have too much energy.

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She felt awful about herself. Based upon the information provided, ETS may approve some, all or none of the accommodations requested.

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But the prospects are hopeful.