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Matthew hussey dating tips, this week on the show

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Don't interrogate - Ask questions, and answer them regardless of being asked "what about you? Talk about things you care about, and then make it your mission to find out what they care about.

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Do you agree even though you Getting back on the dating scene! A nervous Sunnie, 30, is seen speeding through her dates, to which Matthew claimed daters can have more impact on a date if they slow down and control their breathing.

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Is it possible to date him and NOT screw up your friendship forever? Take it slow - Control your breathing and don't rush through the chat 4.

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The Single Wives returns on Thursday night from 7. Share this article Share Though the Los Angeles-based social media sensation is a hit among celebrities - he counts Eva Longoria, Christina Aguilera and Tyra Banks as fans - he's a firm believer in sharing his knowledge with as many as possible.

But time has passed, and now he wants to try to be friends.

Dating expert Matthew Hussey shares five first-date tips

But if your relationship is worth it, you can deal with a close female friend. And what should you do if you decide you want more?

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But no matter how compatible you are with your partner, disagreements are inevitable. But there IS a secret to lessening the pain and moving on to an exciting new beginning. You can't learn that in the second 20 minutes? What do you do?

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Think of this episode like a mini-survival Or be honest up front and risk disappointing her?