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Malayali association in bangalore dating, sunday, june 06, 2004

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But falling in love doesnt essentially mean that you have to forsake your old friends You have never fallen in love. Gathering all the bits of her remaining calm, she sobbed and said.

She thought of giving him a big surprise. The show must go on. Rahuls words shattered her heart.

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Hey, are u nuts or what? Mysore DC had completed the long cycle training and the postings had been announced the previous day. Therefore, she hid the news from him.

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She waited until five and then buzzed him on his cell. That is one side of the story. The walk today was unusually long. Little did she knew that there was a bigger surprise waiting for her inside.

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I dont have any problem with that Rahul. I completely forgot to tell you about my new friend.

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She wanted to be the first one to wish him on his birthday. Swetha would disclose all his crushes to Rahul, and Rahul would always be seen taking classes from Swetha, on how to impress a girl in 24 hours.

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His reply was Look Swetha, you are a very good friend of mine.