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Capite Est at N40 Lacos at coordinates N40 Trio at N40 Massos at coordinates N40 Lavanda at coordinates N40 At the very end of the battle, make sure to call in your Rebel reinforcements to aid you complete the job.

Libeccio at coordinates N40 Shoot your grappling hook at a soldier, then at the canister. Capite Est at coordinates N40 Litore Torto at coordinates N40 It is equipped with a machine gun and heavy cannon, which allow you to destroy all combat vehicles and most of enemy tanks.

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You can also use minigun when facing helicopters. Once done, make sure to disable the monitoring systems in Lavanda at N40 Regino Citate Di Ravello Firstly, you need to try and destroy the Antenna Tower in such a way that if falls on the electrical unit and destroy most of the military assets in the collateral explosion.

Light the shrines to pay your respects. Petra at coordinates N40 Once done, head over to the backside of the area in order to deal with assets near the Cell Blocks using Capstones and Vulcan Guns placed there.

It has high resistance and great firepower that allows you to destroy enemy combat vehicles. Before anything, acquire a chopper and use it to eliminate as many military assets as possible before heading down and opening up the doors in order to call in the Rebel reinforcements inside.