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This relationship is fake because Elizabeth just wants to prove her family wrong about their "love" and Andre just wants an emotional punching bag-- no love is involved.

They got married anyway to the disdain of both families, leaving the mystery of Pedro's sister being his actual wife to remain a conversation best had over a plate of chicken's feet. Nicole ended up cheating on Azan while they were living in their respective countries, leaving Azan to carry on the relationship out of spite, as they pretty much hate each other now.

Yet, for the love of love, and probably money, they persevere, letting their failing lives fester for the entertainment of the world. From telling her sisters that she isn't allowed to have a bachelorette party in Vegas to openly telling her family that he doesn't care what they think, he's a real gem.

One thing is for certain, Niki: Azan would have left Nicole if not under pressure from the producers to keep it going for the show's sake, meaning that he may be subject to her arm shoving tactics for the foreseeable future.

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The two now have spin-off series in their future, leading to a bizarre cycle of constantly breaking up and getting back together to keep the drama gravy flowing, signifying that the relationship has achieved levels of phoniness previously unknown in the reality television world.

An international fling becomes romance, as Elizabeth and Andre decided to get hitched after their initial time spent together. Is it nice that he gave her a car?

This one was pretty much doomed from the start, as Anfisa kicks Jorge out of the apartment on a near constant basis or explodes into violence, accosting him on the spot.

The two are in the same age group, she speaks his language, and they could stand each other longer than fifteen minutes-- the future looked bright for Chantel and Pedro.

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He gives Niki his ex-wife's a woman from the same country as Niki car, and doesn't understand why she gets upset. Then, Chantel and Pedro had to move the bed into the kitchen and it all went to hell. It's sad too, Matt isn't an ugly dude The nature of reality television is to adulterate whatever it features, and TLC's overseas series seems to really take that to heart.

All well and good, right? From the drastic age difference to the whole "I can't kiss you at our wedding due to religious reasons," the relationship was fake from the get-go. Are the beatings justified?