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But before he can do so, Jerry slips away, puts mustard on himself, and gets back in between the slices of bread. Tom picks one and the eagle produces a ring box with Jerry sitting in it.

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The eagle then closes its mouth on Jerry, who proceeds to escape through eagle's nostril and kick him in the eye. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

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They fight over the sandwich and almost tear Jerry in half. Tom then runs away with the lovestruck eagle behind him.

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Tom then makes a face and yodels at the eagle. February Learn how and when to remove this template message Tom is laying down a trail of cheese for Jerry.

The eagle goes wild and he ends up dropping Jerry. Tom then throws a brick at the eagle but it gets thrown back, hitting Tom. As Tom is being dragged to the eagle, Jerry hands Tom a bouquet of flowers and waves goodbye to the happy couple.

Tom is later standing behind a makeshift kissing booth that advertises, "Kisses - One Mouse Each! Before Tom can eat his sandwich, an eagle swoops down and steals the sandwich from Tom's hands. The eagle tries to kiss Tom but he ends up denting a stovepipe and pecking the bricks out of the chimney.

William Hanna, Joseph Barbera Animation: As the eagle attempts to eat the sandwich again, Jerry opens the eagle's mouth and kicks away the bread. The eagle then hits Tom with his beak and knocks him off the tree.

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