Die liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne () Die liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne ()

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Die Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne / (1977)

Vincente then brings himself to orgasm at the confessional booth after coercing Maria into telling of her mild sexual fumblings. You get the distinct impression he and others like him are used to getting away with these kind of atrocities and bare them no thought.

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Her confessor is in collusion with the Mother Superior. It is the treatment of young Maria which is most effective - a pure innocent who has been cast amongst this nest of vipers because of what they consider to be HER bad attitude!

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Dietrich collaborations, this is crisply shot and appears to have been provided with a decent budget. Die Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne online, download Die Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne free Plot summary year-old Maria is forced into Serra D'Aires convent, secretly run by Satanists.

Maria is tortured, forced into sex with men, women, and the horned Devil, and told that it's all a bad dream.

As always, the locations are incredible. Even through the barrier of dubbing, it is very easy to despise this rotter. As you might well imagine, there are lesbian scenes between the nuns, complete with dialogue like "You have served the prince of darkness, now I will perform the ritual.

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She writes a letter to God, and a Knight rescues her, only to fall into the hands of the Inquisition, put on the rack, and condemned to death like Joan of Arc. Of all Franco's output, I find this film one of the most difficult to watch.

Berger is highly convincing as Father Vincente, effortlessly bending others unto his will and gleefully taking advantage of Maria.

I didn't realise how much - in many ways this is his most perverse project.

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