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All characters in the game who charges chakra can also taunt now. You should close programs and other computers in your home network that need internet connection.

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Write "copy" and then Enter. The server has an option to find the person with the slowest connection link to the server in order to solve the problem of lags, if you have.

The server will start waiting for players to join the game.

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In addition there's a few unfinished characters that are making a return. You the server owner will be the first player to connect to the server.

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Now do the following: If the source of lags is from the one who runs the server, the ping option will not be able to detect it. After all the players have joined, the game will begin.

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If the server doesn't work for you, try to install the. Your virus scanner may detect the lobby as unsafe - this is a false positive and should be reported to the makers of your scanner.

Don't tell the next player to connect to you before you see that the current player joined the game.

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You don't have to install the program, just put it somewhere on your computer. If not, write " For your convenience, you can copy the list of the players that have connected to the game, with their original names.

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More options that can be use after the game has began: I have made some refinements to the lobby to improve stability and readability. YinYin has provided a list of virus scanner report forms where you can submit the lobby for verification as a false positive.

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