Time in Leidschendam - current local time, DST, summer/winter time conversion dates. Time in Leidschendam - current local time, DST, summer/winter time conversion dates.

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All three were combined into the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg in population: Important driver for the development of the area was the Vliet canal, ferrying people and goods through Holland in the Middle Ages, and even in Roman times.

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These were drained around by the Dutch counts, enabling the settlements of Stompwijk and Wilsveen to be established. As elsewhere in Holland, windmills were constructed to power local industry, such as a wheat grinding mill in and wood processing mills in and 'de Salamander' and 'de Hoop'.

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The Southern side of the Vliet was settled at a later date due to presence of extensive swamps. Subsequently, the peat industry flourished, and about twenty windmills were constructed for water management.

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Leidschendam hosted the main office of the country's secret service, the AIVDwhich is an integral part of the Dutch Ministry of the Interiorbefore the office moved to Zoetermeer in The settlement on the Northern side of the lock was known as 'Veur', until the formation of the municipality of Leidschendam in A large, semi-covered, shopping area, Leidsenhage, exists near the border with Voorburg.

A growing number of government and industrial activities the Dutch political capital of The Hague is nearby and the associated housing demand transformed Veur from a rural into a suburban community.

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There are 34, men Of these, 18, are owned units, 10, are subsidized rental units and 5, are private rental units. There are 31, This led to a municipal reorganization and the formation of Leidschendam, in History[ edit ] The town's name has been in use for centuries and refers to the lock in the Vlietnear the historic city of Leiden.

Veur became an independent municipality in the time of the short-lived Batavian Republic.

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Starting in the closing years of the 19th century, the area started to change rapidly due to combined forces of the agricultural crisis, improved transportation in the area, and regional effects of the first and second World Wars.

Drawing large numbers of people, the area is a focal point of road and rail traffic in the area. Both Leidschendam and Voorburg are now part of the agglomeration of the city of The Hague and are often regarded as its suburbs.

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For Leidschendam-Voorburg combined, having a total population of 73, Leischendam alone: