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Actress Leah Remini blasts Scientology, Tom Cruise in her new book 'Troublemaker'

She has only good things to Yes, this is a book about Scientology. She probably did it for the money and publicity.

Both her husband and daughter remain strict adherents of the late L. Basically, she confirms that yes, it's a cult. As he lit into her, I thought about the time a friend had mentioned to me that she witnessed him taking his assistant to task for giving him a chipped coffee mug.

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What impressed me is how quickly they circled the ad hom wagons as soon as you appeared. When I heard propel expression of the discharge, having perused pretty much every book there is on the subject of Scientology from Inside Scientology, to Bare Faced Messiah, to Beyond Belief to The Unbreakable Miss Lovelyfrom individual records to journalistic uncovered, I avidly foreseen Troublemaker.

I think her and Kevin James had great chemistry - and Jerry Stiller was brilliant.

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For this sort of book, it is, shockingly, extremely elegantly composed — free of whimsical writing, however profoundly captivating, succinct and exceedingly individual.

Adults and children are viewed as equals so it was perfectly acceptable for an untrained 13 year old to be watching a room full of screaming babies all alone. They went to Clearwater, Florida to join the infamous Sea Org when she was a young teen.

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You said flat-out that you would never sell out.