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Le leggi di Keplero - Single, 2017

The second law states that the vector radius from the center of the Sun to the orbiting planet, Moving at the same space and time, different regions but of constant area.

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Oh baby baby, at the perihelion The Earth travels faster than at the aphelion. I've learned everything thanks to the Italian Teacher Substitutes! In the lower corner of the browser, you will see how much time is left back from downloading. And now that you know you'll get the passing mark, Don't stop, the third one must be studied, too.

The first law says that the orbit traced by a planet around the sun is really elliptical And the Sun shines, right in one of the two focuses situated over the plan of the eclipse.

Oh baby baby, don't sigh, If you remembered more of a circular movement, Since for the Earth the eccentricity is 0. The third law says that you have to take the squares of the periods the planets orbit And there's a law tying T squared to the cubed semi-axis, the greatest one of every orbit Oh baby baby, you can hand the test, But you must never forget to study anymore, Since we don't have a song suitable for every single subject of astronomical geography!

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The second law has numerous corollaries as interesting consequences, Where you can see that orbital velocities aren't constant for planets. You can do this easily with the buttons below.