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I usually like to eat types of fruit in this enormous bowl. I really want to knock out more videos for everyone.

Interview Series – Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram

Believe it or not, I made the choice to change to a raw vegan over night. He described raw veganism to 10y10 online dating and this interaction inspired her to go raw vegan on July 15th, For lunch, it is typically a huge plate of fruit bananas, a whole bowl of cherries, etc.

CV — If you wanted to encourage someone to eat a raw vegan diet what would you make for him or her? So much goes on during a day for me!

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She says she was raised on traditional food and that has affected her health and later her activism. Keeping busy is what I love to do though!

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However, some question the validity of the results of the blood test. CV — What is a typical day for you? Eventually, we grew to three locations and about 7, members, fed about families a week, and all funds went straight to the local farmers.

I have put so much love and energy into my cookbook, so I hope to see that project do really well. After some time, I made a deal with a distributor who would deliver produce straight to my door if I promised to buy from him weekly.

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Our forum does not tolerate encouragement of anything contrary to this. Therefore, please indicate your intention: By Jodie Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram is a raw food pioneer and the founder of Rawfully Organica local and organic produce co-op with three locations in Houston, Texas. There is no time at all peeling a banana or biting into an apple.

Running the campus farmer's market helped her cultivate a relationship with local farmers and produce distributors [15] and lead her to open her own grocery cooperative called Rawfully Organic in September In fact, I have not been back to the doctor in 8 years because of all the fruit I indulge in!

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